How often to change cat litter or directly add new ones?

How often to change cat litter
How often to change cat litter

How often to change cat litter! Friends who raise cats must know must use that cat litter to raise cats, saving time and effort. And this is precisely the reason why some friends choose to keep cats.

How often to change cat litter?

So, speaking of cat litter. In addition to cleaning up cat feces every day. I believe that many friends are changing the litter for cats without too much attention.

Is it advisable to add new cat litter directly to the original cat litter?

The method of directly adding new cat litter to the original cat litter mentioned above is not advisable in a strict sense, and it will have a certain degree of harm to the health of the cat.

The main reason is old cat litter, as long as the cat pulls the feces on it, even if we clean it up very carefully, there will still be residues of cat feces on it, and these residues contain a lot of bacteria.

If we have been mixing old cat litter with new cat litter, it is equivalent to cats always using the bacterial waste. Over time, it is bounding to affecting the cat’s health.

cat picture
cat picture

Speaking of this, Pets Rising would like to mention that many friends have reported that the cat litter smell is hefty, and even the whole room has a heavy smell. In fact, in the final analysis, it is the reason why the litter change is not thorough.

We can clean the cat litter thoroughly and then replace it with new cat litter. You believe if you do this, it will significantly improve the room’s taste.

Key point: The complete replacement of cat litter we mentioned above is not necessary every day. Routine thorough cleaning and replacement with new cat litter, usually 3-5 days, just like this one. If you are more diligent, you can change every day, which is, of course, better.

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